About Ebor Machine Tools

John Bridge is the director of Ebor and has worked in the field of high-tech machine tools for many years. He has held posts in design, manufacturing and management before starting up Ebor Machine Tools Limited in 1977.

Prior to the commencement of Ebor John worked for a company that manufactured quality-milling machine with multi axis hydraulic controls, for leading aerospace and a variety of other companies that had precise components to manufacture. The company was very early into the manufacture Numerical Control (NC) machine tools. John had been involved in the design of a range of NC machines and worked on special aerospace machine tools for Pratt & Whitney, Montreal, Rolls Royce and BAC.


Although trained in mechanical engineering John found that a good knowledge of electrical engineering was required to interface the NC controls to the machine tools. Over  the years he has kept abreast of the advances in NC and CNC applications on machine tools and in drive technology. Ebor has retrofitted a great number of machine tools with new CNC controls, closed loop axis servo drives and machine tool spindle drives. In the early period the work was mostly in the metal cutting industry but of late Ebor has been involved with wood, plastics, laser and glass machines as manufacturing with CNC control finds more and more applications.

In the early period Ebor represented an Italian manufacture of CNC Lathes, selling, commissioning and giving training on the programming and operation. This period broadened John’s experience and took him into many and varied manufacturing industries. At Ebor Machine Tools we have kept up with advances in computer aided manufacturing.

We carry out all drawing design work at our office using AutoCAD and when required use our CAD / CAM system for developing programs for machine tools. We have provided consultancy on machine tools for customers, evaluating new machines, testing machine for customer specific requirements, inspecting and reporting for insurance damage and giving evidence as expert witness.

Contacts Details: 

5 Kimberlow Woods Hill, Badger Hill, York YO10 5HF 

Mob: +44 (0) 7850 719 358

PLEASE NOTE!! that from now we have shut down our
office telephone landline so have rationalised
our future communications to Mobile Phone or Email only.

Web: www.ebormachinetools.co.uk E-mail: info@ebormachinetools.co.uk